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  • B-BBEE Consultations
  • B-BBEE Problem Solving
  • Scenario Planning
  • File Compilation
  • Element Scores Improvement
  • Ongoing Score Monitoring
  • Ownership Vehicles 
  • Procurement – Obtainment and maintenance of your suppliers’ B-BBEE Certificates
  • Arrangement with an appointed SANAS Accredited Verification Agency



Whilst obtaining B-BBEE certificates for the Procurement Database Management of our clients, and knowing the impact these certificates have on our client’s Preferential Procurement score, Decoding incorporated a consulting division.

We specialize in scorecard optimization which means that by a very intimate understanding of the Codes of Good Practice, we are able to optimize any company’s scorecard which in turn results in better procurement scores for our clients.

Currently the B-BBEE Consulting division has more than 700 clients, this number grows with every new client we sign. With every new client comes a new supplier ledger which has helped grow our database to more than 35 000 active suppliers! Our client base covers a wide spectrum, as we assist EME’s, QSE’s and Generic Enterprises over all the different sectors.

We use various SANAS accredited verification agents to issue our certificates.

As a rule by the Department of Trade and Industry consultation and verification has to be kept separate to ensure independence and eliminate any forms of fronting.

Decoding is a specialist consulting firm that provides our customers with the highest possible level of B-BBEE compliance by simply going the extra mile on each file.

Our consultants are specialists in the scorecard optimization field. Our consultants undergo continuous training ensuring our knowledge and understanding of the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice remains impenetrable. Our strength lies in this.

 The understanding of the codes broadens the horizon on which points on the different elements are obtainable.

We understand that every business has a unique situation and therefor we approach each individual client with this in mind.

Files and scorecards are tailored to each specific client’s situation to ensure optimal points are awarded on each element. We will assist you to implement a feasible B-BBEE strategy to optimize the level of B-BBEE recognition for your company.

After we have prepared your file for verification and compiled your scorecard, it will be handed over to one of our appointed SANAS accredited verification agents for verification and issuing of your certificate.


It is important to have a consultant to handle your file as they know exactly which supporting documents are needed to prove why certain points should be awarded and their knowledge of the codes could award you more points on your scorecard.

We believe that knowledge is power and our consultants possess the knowledge required to give our clients the best advice and service to optimise their B-BBEE level of compliance.

Decoding has appointed a verification agency to verify our findings. Verification and Issuing of certificates are done by Appointed SANAS Accredited Verification Agencies.

  • Decoding provides businesses and individuals, with highly confidential information enabling them to evaluate customers, suppliers and clients to assess risk, business capability and creditworthiness where applicable.
  • This allows our clients to make informed decisions when entering into relations whilst minimizing potential risks.
  • Decoding is able to provide business and credit profile information to our clients within the shortest possible time.
  • More specifically we are able to provide information on the Principals, registration with CIPRO (Registrar of Companies), registration for taxation and other legal requirements, judgements and other legal issues, affiliate companies (for identification of synergies, possible risks and competitors), banking and payment histories, trade references, an overview on operations, and general current and historical information on the subject.
  • We tailor our services to suit individual needs, ensuring any information provided is concise and relevant.
  • Our dynamic approach ensures that we stay ahead of any new developments and innovations to continually enhance our service.
  • We update our customers on these additional services on a continuous basis, providing the best current information available.
  • Our mission is to provide the client with relevant and correct information, which is handled with the utmost confidentiality.
  • (A confidentiality agreement will be signed by both parties.)
  • Decoding operates in conjunction with a number of leading service providers in the business information and credit industry.
  • Information received from all the different credit bureaus is compiled into one report from Decoding.
  • We keep abreast of developments in the market to ensure we are able to provide information from any new service providers, and ensure the current agencies continue to provide comprehensive and up to date information.
  • Our clients operate in diverse industries and as such we are able to provide a service based on a broad experience base.

Decoding Information Services has a supplier database with more than 30 000 active suppliers which comes in-hand when doing procurement on our clients’ files. Our system notifies us when a certificate is about to expire so that it can be updated.

This also means that we can manage our clients’ suppliers’ certificates. However, should we not have a specific certificate on the database; we obtain it on our clients’ behalf at no extra cost.

With our impressive supplier database it is easy for us to help our clients manage their procurement database. We obtain and manage various corporate documentation on our clients’ behalf including, B-BBEE certificates, Tax clearance certificates, ISO certificates, questionnaires, etc.

Decoding works with a mandated list of the client’s suppliers, where the Decoding staff will contact the suppliers requesting the information required.

In addition your requirements will be explained to the supplier and feedback dates obtained.

Decoding will regularly follow up on the information with the suppliers to ensure that this is received timeously.

Upon receipt thereof Decoding will compile a database reflecting the information, in Excel format.

From a B-BBEE perspective Decoding is aware that the client requires as high a B-BBEE rating as possible by the end of your financial year.

Our intention therefore is to prioritise the various suppliers, to ensure that the maximum effect on you r B-BBEE rating is obtained as quickly as possible.

Decoding will assist any EME suppliers by providing an affidavit confirming their B-BBEE status.

In addition electronic copies of the various documents collected will be captured. The documents will be forwarded to yourselves on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. A Progress Report will be sent to you on a monthly basis.

Our ability to complete the work will be a function of the number of suppliers on your vendor list, and cooperation from the suppliers.

We will liaise regularly with yourselves regarding progress, and to ensure your satisfaction with the service provided by Decoding.

We are flexible and would be amenable to review our operations with yourselves to meet any change in your requirements.



Obtaining of B-BBEE Certificates by Decoding on behalf of companies with a large supplier database.

The expiry of these certificates is followed up on an on-going basis with suppliers in order ensure the latest information is on the system.

We also obtain “in process” letters where suppliers are currently engaged in the B-BBEE verification process, and letters of exemption if applicable.

Collection and on-going updating of ISO Certificates, SABS Certificates, Letters of Good Standing for Workman’s Compensation, TAX Clearance certificates and VAT Registration are further corporate governance documentation we collect, depending on the client’s requirements.

Verification of ISO and SABS Certification with the relevant authorities if required.

Updating and the maintenance of Company Databases with VAT Numbers, Registration Numbers and company contact details, etc.

Collection and on-going updating of any other information required for compliance with corporate governance and legal requirements.

Collection of account related information such as discount structures and payment terms. This is normally done by means of an RFI Request (Request for Information).

All documentation will be sent via email and Decoding maintains back-up files at our offices. We would need a mandate from the client to undertake this work.

The client’s requirements will be explained to the suppliers, by Decoding in a professional courteous manner. It is our policy to have good relationships with all suppliers.

We will liaise regularly with our clients regarding progress, and ensure your satisfaction with the service provided.

We are flexible and willing to, with prior communication, review our operations with clients to meet any change in your requirements.

Decoding is aware that the clients require as high B-BBEE rating as possible by the end of each financial year.

Our ability to complete the work will be a function of the number of suppliers on the client’s vendor list, and cooperation from the suppliers.

Priority supplier lists from the client’s offices will help Decoding to prioritise the suppliers in order to ensure the maximum effect on the B-BBEE rating as quickly as possible. This service can only be provided on a contract basis.

We believe that delivering a quality experience is the first step to our success.